Life can be pretty complicated sometimes. You are getting older, life chances and you will need to make important decisions that can have a big impact on your life. You might lead your life a certain way, and you are happy with the way things are. Still, its importent to think about the further now and then as well. How do you know if you are doing things the right way for the long therm? Or weightier or not your lifestyle might harm your body in a dangerous way?


Maybe your current lifestyle can cause problems for your health or financial situation. The food you eat, the money you make and the expenses you have, all of them need enough attention and care. Dont you think so? Is the energie you invest yourself enough to make it through the rough times? For many of these lifestyle topics there are simple ways to make a calculation.

Just to name a few: your life is reaching a new fase and you would like to buy a bigger house. Are you able to afford this while working in your current job? And what about those traveling expenses that you make every week? Or your loan in general and the termination pay you will receive after you lose your job? These are questions you might need to ask yourself more often.

Maybe you have family, friends or advisers that can help you, but still, do they always know what they are talking about? Therefore it can be useful to calculate weightier or not you need to worry, change something in your life or just to feel save about the future.


Weightier it is about calculating your mortgage, termination pay, loan pension or even the things you might not like to think about too much, like your BMI, the amount of calories of your favorite dish or your funeral cost. You name it, we allready calculated it! In just a few simple clicks you can find all of the information you need about the topic of your interest.

No more need to stress, worry or have sleepless night anymore. On this website we have all calculations sorted out, just to make it easier for you!